At NISC, our Members and Customers are our most valuable resource. Together, through collaboration, we can harness our imaginations, envision the possibilities of the future and begin to work toward turning that into reality. At the 2014 Member Information Conference, you’ll have a chance to attend learning sessions led by NISC staff and Members focusing on innovative and unique opportunities available through iVUE® that can help you gain new efficiencies to streamline your daily tasks. Your needs are at the center of our development so bring your ideas to NISC that may help us meet tomorrow’s challenges today.

When we use our imagination, we open up a world of possibilities. We can take those ideas and set goals we can then aspire to accomplish. The goal at the 2014 MIC is that when you walk out the door, you have new aspirations not only for your organization, but for yourself. On Day 3, to close out the 2014 MIC, you’ll hear from John O’Leary, an inspirational speaker that will help you take back your life, ignite your possibility and aspire to greatness.

Together, we can achieve anything. We can use our imaginations to set new aspirational goals and collaborate on the solutions we need to get there. Through innovative learning labs and by connecting with NISC staff and your fellow Members, you can achieve new levels of efficiency, better communication, reduce stress and help take NISC solutions, and our Members, into the future.

This year’s Partner Pavilion is gearing up to be bigger and better than last year, featuring many of NISC’s offerings while sharing a space including our closest partners providing you with a true exhibition experience. This year’s 2014 MIC Partner Pavilion will have new exhibit configurations to ensure that you get to know NISC’s trusted technology partners and get great hands-on experience with NISC’s solutions.

On your way to lunch, stop by the NISC Community exhibit in the beginning of the Partner Pavilion. This upfront presence will help ensure you get professional pictures taken before lunch, and also answer all your learning and Community questions. The Innovations Lab is bigger; more streamlined and has more seating nearby so you can mingle with NISC staff and technology partners. While on your way back from lunch, you may want to take a break from your agenda as you sit, relax and charge your devices. Maybe you are interested in learning about what iGEAR has available or want to get a new logoed item to wear back home.

Thank you to our Featured Partners!