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Download our ready-to-use social media graphics or insert your logo and booth information on our customizable graphics and let your customers know you’ll be attending or exhibiting at the MIC!


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at mic@nisc.coop.


The 2019 MIC will help you connect with more than 2,000 attendees at one of the largest learning events of the year. Download any of the image files and editable .psd files (provided below) and post to social media to promote your participation! Here is a listing of our social links:

Conference hashtags: #2019MIC | #NISCnext


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Next is a direction, not a destination. Innovation is never-ending, and what is next is yet another level of efficiency, another level of sophistication in our world of technology.


The Member Information Conference (MIC) is NISC’s premier learning event, designed to help you leverage the power of NISC solutions and services to bring greater efficiency to your organization.


The 2019 MIC will emphasize emerging technologies to help your organization face the challenges that lie ahead, using the tools to their fullest potential to help you achieve your goals. Learning is key to our success—and the success of NISC’s Members. The MIC showcases what is truly next in industry-leading technology.


Next is a promise, a promise of moving forward—together. Register today and join us September 23-26 in St. Louis!

Shortened Version

Connect with more than 2,000 attendees at one of the largest learning events of the year and see what’s next in industry-leading technology this September at the 2019 MIC! Register today!!


Join us in booth [insert booth number] in the Partner Pavilion at @nisc_coop’s #2019MIC and learn how our [insert products/services] can bring efficiency to your organization! #NISCnext Register today: www.nisc-mic.coop

We’re gearing up for the @nisc_coop #2019MIC September 23-26 in St. Louis! Stop by and visit with us in the Partner Pavilion, booth [insert booth number]! www.nisc-mic.coop


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